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Pregnancy & Pre-Conception

Bringing another person into this world? What an amazing time! There are so many choices to review and consider during this time period. Our doctors have put together the information you need to have a healthy, vitalistic, holistic pregnancy.

A developing baby needs very specific things to be healthier than average. We have what you need to know you are giving your growing baby everything it needs.

Lifestyle chiropractic care during pregnancy has allowed many mothers around the world to have the great pregnancy they deserve. Our patients regularly report high functioning during pregnancy, shorter labor times, less medication, high labor satisfaction rates and increased probability of a natural healthy birth.

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Have you recently got engaged or are looking to have a child 3 months to 1 year down the road? Would you like that child to be healthy? Great! Now is the time to start pre-planning your family’s health.

We now know that epigenetically, what we do prior to getting pregnant and during pregnancy plays a huge role of our children’s health. This is not only for the health of your child when born, but can dictate their health for the rest of their life.

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