Functional Movement

Did you know that just by walking 30 minutes per day 5 days a week you can reduce your risks of chronic illness by up to 50%?

Well that is just a glimpse of the benefits you will receive by making your way through what so many have already achieved and are practicing daily on their own. The functional movement program is a one of a kind programmed designed to mimic how our healthy ancestors moved daily.

We know what they did and we further know most Americans do not move at all like this. This program is what should be taught to every child age 5 and up in school, but unfortunately is not. Come learn what the best athletes and business leaders in the world do to keep them at the top of their game!

What is Functional Movement?

It is a weekly-paced program offered at Complete Wellness Chiropractic that will teach you how you should be moving on a daily basis. Over the course of 11 weeks, you will be guided through a series of movements that will work on balance, range of motion, flexibility, posture, and strength and neurological function.

We work with you to incorporate these exercises into your existing daily routines so this does not become another 30-minute routine to add onto your already busy schedule.

Why should I be in Functional Movement?

Most of us never were taught what is required of us daily regarding movement. Especially in an environment where sitting many hours of the day has become normal. We all need movement daily just for normal internal body functions and energy levels. If you are not getting this movement in daily then you are functioning below your capacity and your health is suffering because of this.

Maintaining good posture, balance and flexibility takes practice. Over the weeks, we will work one on one to teach the required movements necessary through your day for optimal health. This instantly will begin to help you prevent injuries, optimize your flexibility, increase energy, improve sleep and moderate stress levels while getting you moving the way your body was designed to move!

But I already have an exercise program…
That’s great! This is different. We have had many athletes, yoga instructors and personal trainers go through this program and realize the importance of it and what they had been lacking for some time.

Our bodies were designed for exercise and this does not replace your exercise routine. This is an adjunct we were never told needed to be done daily, yet all of our ancestors with our same genetics always did.

A good example would be if you only did strength training and never cardio or visa versa. They are both necessary as is functional movement. By the time you are done you will have this program regularly worked into your normal routine that will be there for your daily for the rest of your lifetime.

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